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What Is Bitcoin Gold BCG?

What Is Bitcoin Gold BCG? Bitcoin Gold Explanation Simplified and Easy Do you know Bitcoin, where to complement and understand what Bitcoin Gold or BCG. Through this Bitcoin Gold article should recognize the encrypted currency basis for all encrypted currencies Bitcoin. In order to find out what is Bitcoin Gold. Simply a coin from the original Bitcoin Code that will come with the second division of the main Bitcoin during this year. Bitcoin Gold Fork is launched on October 25th, and for the first time we will see a Bitcoin Hard Fork of Bitcoin Gold Coin on November 1st.

Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold

What is Bitcoin Gold?

The Bitcoin Gold Fork is proof-of-work mining from SHA256 to Equihash, an ASIC-like memory algorithm similar to mining across the GPU. Which will allow all co-miners to even the owners of vulnerable mining equipment, because the main Bitcoin has become a monopolized monopolization of giants of giant equipment. The main developer of “h4x” on Bitcoin Gold’s channel, or BCG, on the slack program, said that the main goal of this split is to bring two smaller minerals to this area and make the Bitcoin Code 100% decentralized.

The Bitcoin Code Fork and the new version of Bitcoin Gold or BCG came from a Chinese mining company called LightningASIC, located in Hong Kong. It is a company equipped with mining equipment especially LiteCoin coin mining machinery. The CEO and leader of this project at this company is Jack Liao. It is interesting that the ASIC mining equipment producer wants to implement this division. Dividing decisions come from China, as happened with Bitcoin Cash, which resulted from the previous division of Bitmain. (Soon we will have a detailed explanation of what Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork is.

Get Bitcoin Gold or BCG as with Bitcoin Cash:
As with the previous major cleavage Bitcoin Cash or BCH, reduce the value of the Bitcoin Code that you currently own in a safe portfolio before October 25, not on exchange platforms where the latter is not obliged to give you the currency produced. After October 25, every pet owner in the official portfolios will receive Bitcoin Gold with the same value as the main Bitcoin that you own in your portfolio.

The future of Bitcoin Gold BCG:
Since there is not much information about the Bitcoin Gold Fork project available, there are many open questions, such as the status of the project, and the team behind it is not yet known. It also discusses the list of mass capacity. This division also did not receive the media power received by the previous cleavage of Bitcoin, which resulted in Bitcoin Cash or BCH. This would lead to a lower initial price Bitcoin Gold or BCG compared to the initial price of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Gold

This is the second division of the Bitcoin Code Fork. It will be time to see whether these divisions will benefit the Bitcoin Code software or not. Where some believe that these divisions are often for money, while others see it as a natural development. At present, those who own the Bitcoin can benefit from Hard Fork. In the long term, there are many open and major questions that affect the credibility of the currency produced by the Bitcoin Code.